by Caitlyn Willows
Contemporary Romance - Short Story
November 2006 (Re-released December 2018)
Cover Art 2018 Lacey Savage

Rob and Liz Bennett are heartbroken to learn Rob is sterile. Now they know firsthand how Rob’s brother and his wife felt when Rachel couldn’t conceive. They’d also grieved with Craig and Rachel when the baby placed with them for adoption was removed six months later when the birth mother changed her mind. Rachel refuses to risk another attempt. It looks as if neither couple will ever experience the joy of children. Unless…

Desperate times call for desperate measures and Rob has the perfect solution. Liz and Craig as “the breeders” will make a child for all of them. Liz decrees this won’t be a turkey-baster conception. This child will be conceived of the love each of them has for the other. They will switch partners and all be together at the moment four become one. Now all they have to do is convince the other couple.

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FIVE HEARTS! What an amazing story! Although very short, Ms. Willows uses her words very sparingly and tells an intensive and complete story. All four characters are very well-written, with their emotions and love shining through. They all want to help each other, but since it seems that Craig and Liz are the only two capable of conceiving a child, they decide that they can only have ménage sex. Then, if they conceive, they can consider either man the father and even if Liz is the biological mother, Rachel will feel part of the process. Their sexual activities are incredibly hot-and I wanted to join in the fun! I did expect a twist in this story-Ms. Willows is famous for them-and the twist was very well done. Thank you, Ms. Willows, for another beautiful story. ~Marcy Arbitman, The Romance Studio

I absolutely loved ALL FOUR ONE by Caitlyn Willows!! I found myself easily wanting to see what would happen next with these couples. The love they all shared and the heart ache wrenched my chest. Rob and Liz, Craig and Rachel are all characters that are fully developed and come alive across these pages. As a short read, I found this a perfect story for quick entertainment. ALL FOUR ONE has a wonderful plot and great dialogue. The emotion is thick and the end will leave you satisfied. ~ Klarissa, Joyfully Reviewed

4/5 STARS! Wow!!! For a short story, All Four One packs a mighty punch. Ms. Willows wasted no time getting us to understand the pain and suffering that the main characters are going through. Liz and Rob are madly in love and Rob feels cheated that he can’t give his wife the one thing that she truly wants. Liz is hurt not just for herself, but for the pain that Rob is feeling over his sterility. Craig and Rachel are also madly in love, but Rachel has had more pain to endure with their quest to have children. We learn that Rachel has tried everything biological and legal, but she was constantly let down. Rachel, in my opinion, was the strongest character. Even though she was hurting, she refused to let Liz, Rob, and Craig give up on their hope to have a child. The sex between the two couples was hot! It didn’t seem tawdry, but was written with lots of love. Granted I didn’t have to grab any toys, but the sexual acts portrayed warmed my heart. The love displayed by Liz, Rob, Rachel, and Craig was one of hope and promise. As the story progressed, it could be said that love does conquer all. Once again, a great job of writing from a great author. ~LT Blue, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

FIVE ROSES! I was easily captivated by the characters of this story. Robert, Craig are brothers who married best friends Rachel and Liz. The four of them have been together since their school days. This is an erotic short story that definitely gives off heat and leaves the reader wanting more of the same. Both couples want to have children but each one is unable because of their spouse so the only solution is to stick together and follow their hearts. Magic is love and love is a physical entity that has no rules. Will all four find the happiness they crave, read and find out but be prepared to sweat. ~Sierra, My Book Cravings

FOUR ANGELS! All Four One is a quick read centered around two couples and one common desire. Taking a chance to go for what they want, taking that extra step to ensure that they all have it, readers will be touched by the lengths to which two brothers and their wives go. Rob and Craig are wonderful, devoted husbands that truly love their wives. Rachel and Liz are the best of friends, close enough with one another that they might as well be sisters instead of sister-in-laws. The sizzling passion within this story is hot and amazing to witness when readers understand the full plot of this story. Caitlyn Willows did a good job at bringing two men and two women to life and drawing readers into their journey to have what their hearts desire. ~Shayley, Fallen Angel Reviews

FOUR LIPS! All Four One is the short story of two brothers, their wives, their struggle to conceive, and their unconventional solution to it. This is a feel good story that will make you smile, make you laugh, and make you shed a tear or two over the plight these wonderful people are enduring. I was pleasantly surprised by the solution and resolution to this plot and recommend All Four One to anyone who needs to read a book that will run you through the emotional gamut of tears to smiles. Caitlyn Willows does a wonderful job of bringing her characters to life and making you feel attached to all parties involved. ~Tara, Two Lips Reviews


Liz Bennett swore she wouldn’t cry, yet tears drifted silently down her cheeks. They would never be able to have children…ever. As much as the knowledge broke her heart, it hurt more to see the devastation on her husband’s face. He hadn’t said a word once the doctor gave final diagnosis that Rob was sterile. He didn’t have to. Liz knew what he was thinking—that he’d failed as a man, as her man. Her assurances to the contrary would come later, when they both weren’t so raw with emotion.

He gripped the steering wheel of their SUV, eyes locked forward, focusing on Memorial Day traffic zipping along with them on I-10. Every so often she’d see him blink rapidly to clear his own tears. She wanted to wrap her arms around those broad shoulders, rest her cheek against the mesa of his chest, and never let go. She’d loved him since the first day they met five years ago when they’d collided outside the bank, and had never stopped. His blue eyes captured the color of the sky. His brown hair reflected the sun’s gold. Every word, every breath, and, God knew, every touch melded into her soul. The love of her life.

The man could look GQ in ratty jeans and torn T-shirt. He was wonderfully handsome on those very rare occasions he wore a tux. No wonder the ladies, young and old, smiled at him on his UPS route. Those brown shorts showed one of his best assets—his legs, tanned golden from constant exposure to the Southern California sun. Today he was casual for their doctor appointment, khakis and a blue pullover that made his eyes stand out. She’d longed to see those eyes in those of their children one day.

Rob cleared his throat. “Do you want to cancel dinner with Craig and Rachel?” His gaze never left the road.

If anyone would understand what they were going through, those two would. Rachel had received the same news four years ago. She’d sobbed her heart out in Liz’s arms while the two brothers had talked about it in another room. Craig had shed as many tears as his wife. Then the four of them had convened to the living room to weigh the options available…options that had yet to work.

“No,” Liz finally replied. “They’ll want to support us and help us through this. It wouldn’t be fair to shut them out.” Craig and Rachel were also their best friends. “You know they’re waiting for the results.”

Having a baby in the family meant the world to them too. Since they couldn’t be parents, they lived to spoil a niece or nephew.

“I know,” Rob quietly replied. “Rachel’s still trying to kick that stomach virus. I thought she might prefer to stay home and rest. Mexican food might not be the best decision tonight.”

“If she does, she’ll tell us.”

They’d all been laid low by the bug the month before. It had spread like wildfire from one of them to the other. Liz spent one night sleeping on the bathroom floor because she didn’t want to get too far from the toilet. It’d taken them a week to bounce back. Rachel still struggled to recover.

Rob sniffed and blinked his vision clear. “I love you, honey. I’m…sorry.”

Liz brushed her hand over his thigh and squeezed. “I love you too. This isn’t your fault. You have nothing to be sorry about. We’ll—”

She didn’t know how to be optimistic, not after seeing all Craig and Rachel had been through.

They’d tried just about every procedure known to medical science to regulate Rachel’s cycle. Invitro fertilization also failed. The doctors were baffled. One specialist had even suggested she was going through early menopause. Adoption broke their hearts all over again when the baby girl placed in their care was taken back by the birth mother six months later. That was when they finally gave up, resigned to thinking they simply weren’t destined to have a child…any child.

Now Rob and Liz stood in their shoes, looking down that long, hard road and all the heartbreak that went with it. Liz didn’t want to walk it.

Even as she thought that, longing squeezed her heart. She’d never feel a baby grow inside her, never hear that bubbly first laughter, never have little arms around her neck, never hear a little voice call her “mama.”

She covered her eyes to hide a new burst of tears as Rob pulled onto the exit ramp. It seemed the closer they got to Craig and Rachel’s, the more out of her control her emotions. As much as she wanted to tell Rob it didn’t matter, she knew lying to him wouldn’t fix it. They both knew differently.

It could be worse. At least they had each other. That was enough. It was going to have to be.

Liz pulled in a deep breath, focusing on as many positives as she could think of. They were relatively healthy, Rob’s sterility notwithstanding. They had good jobs, a steady income…

“It’s going to kill Mom and Dad to learn they’ll never be grandparents,” he said.

Guilt scooted Liz’s despair aside. Her family was lucky there. Her brother and sister and their spouses were extremely prolific, blessing her parents with a total of eight grandchildren. Rob and Craig were the only children in the Bennett family. With Rachel being unable to get pregnant and now Rob’s news…

“I think we should go to a sperm bank.” For the first time since they’d gotten in the vehicle, Rob glanced her way. “We’ll find a donor who matches me and that’ll be that.”

Liz starting shaking her head before he finished. “I won’t go through what Craig and Rachel have.”

He wrapped his hand around hers. “You won’t. Their problem is with Rachel, not Craig. You can get pregnant…and will. Please, honey, I want us to have a baby.”

She did too. While this was an alternative, it felt so…clinical. She couldn’t wrap her mind around it. “I’d always thought we’d conceive a child in love.”

“We are in love. I’m sure the doctor will let me be there during the procedure. What does it matter how? We’ll be able to experience the pregnancy together.”

“I suppose. But what would we really know about the man who donated the sperm? His family medical history. His medical status. His life. He could’ve lied on the application about anything and everything. It happens a lot, no matter how many precautions are put in place to stop it. It’s a risk I don’t want to take.”

“I guess you have a point.” Rob dropped her hand. They continued on in silence as he negotiated the grid-like street turns into the residential area.

Craig and Rachel lived in an area not unlike their own. Two blocks could have separated them instead of twenty miles. Rows of houses were lined up on either side of the street in neat perfection, single-storied in an array of colors, green lawns, trees dotted here and there, and sidewalks that threaded each to the other. Liz kept her gaze focused on the pale yellow house halfway down the block where shoulders to cry on waited. A forest of geraniums huddled under the windows. Pots of jade, kalanchoe, and aloe vera plants were tucked away on the deep-set porch.

The front door opened as Rob pulled into the driveway. Craig and Rachel waited on the step, somehow realizing that rushing up on them wouldn’t be wise. Rachel wore white shorts and a figure-hugging red T-shirt. As always, her feet were bare. For the first time in a month it looked as if she finally had some color back in her cheeks.

Craig had his arm draped around her, rubbing circles against her shoulder with his thumb as he watched them park. Judging from his jeans and a faux Raiders jersey, he’d either been home long enough to change, or taken the day off work while they wanted for word. Neither smiled.

“They know,” she said. They’d probably suspected all along.

Rob glanced toward the couple. Two years might separate the brothers, but they resembled each other enough to be thought of as fraternal twins. Their similarities often caused confusion on their respective UPS routes. Oddly, those who didn’t know them all thought she and Rachel were sisters as well. Liz always considered that quite a compliment. She wished she had her sister-in-law’s stamina. Rachel was an energetic ball of fire with an infectious laugh. They had the same coloring—dark blond with olive green eyes, the same build—around five-five and curvy, the same overall personality—generally upbeat with a good sense of humor. In fact, they were better suited as siblings than she and her own sister, whose hair color seemed to change as often as her moods.

She and Rob left the vehicle at the same time. He slipped his arm around her waist and dropped a kiss to her temple as they walked toward the house.

Craig swung open the aluminum storm door behind him as they neared. Rachel’s arms opened to her. Tears glistened in her eyes. Warmth, love, and understanding embraced her in a hug that promised everything would be all right. The brothers hugged too.

“I’ve got no swimmers. It’s not fair,” Rob choked out once they stepped inside.

“I know it’s not.” Craig squeezed another hug around him.

Grasping his shoulders, Rob set his brother at arm’s length. “I want you to get my wife pregnant.”

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