by Caitlyn Willows
Erotic Romance - Short Contemporary
December 2013
Cover Art ©Lacey Savage

Half of Hannah Buckner’s heart is on the other side of the world. It’s not only her body that craves her husband’s touch—her soul does as well. She knows Danny feels the same way, yet he’s surrounded by other Marines in the military camp and doesn’t have the luxury of handling his specific needs as she does. Hannah refuses to let the lack of privacy eat away at Danny’s soul. She’s going to remind him of how great they are as one and give him a tether to hold on to until they are reunited. Technology simply can’t compare to an old-fashioned letter.

Danny is hoping for homemade cookies, which he receives. But there’s something extra in the box of treats. A whiff of Hannah’s latest letter has a familiar scent that has nothing to do with baking and everything to do with being hot. Better than phone sex and more addictive than chocolate, her letter leaves nothing to the imagination. And Danny has a few details of his own to share in return. Months of foreplay in letters that threaten to singe the paper they are written on are teasers for the main event when Hannah’s Marine finally comes home and takes his wife in hand as she does him. Back together, they cling to each other as if their lives depended on it because their souls certainly do.

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FOUR STARS! I really enjoyed this story and found that it started out totally different, refreshingly so. Hannah and Danny are separated by a huge distance, but their love and desire for each other is clear to see. Learning of their relationship through their letters and actions while alone was a breathtakingly different way to look at an erotic romance. There’s still heaps of heat and sparkling chemistry, and the fact they’re married and apart from each other doesn’t lessen this one iota. I found this to be a titillating view into how a married couple could keep the fire alive (and burning!) when life and work keeps them physically apart. This is a refreshingly different tale, full of steamy sex and a huge amount of anticipation making the final party that much sweeter. Recommended. - Long and Short Reviews


Danny Buckner was hot, tired, pretty much miserable, and one hundred percent frustrated. Enough dust and grime covered his body to create another person. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been really clean. So when he returned to his tent and found a stack of letters and a couple of packages on his bunk, it made all the bad from the week go away.

His gaze zeroed in on the handwriting. Hannah’s flowing script scored a path to his balls and cranked his penis to full staff. She’d always had that effect on him. The mere hint of her was enough to make him hard as hell. In record time she’d become the part of Danny he’d never realized was missing until then. He proposed to her the first night they met. Of course she didn’t accept. She’d thought it was a lousy pickup line. But her laughter had sprinkled over his soul, drifted into his blood, and imprinted her on his heart.

Military orders notwithstanding, they’d been inseparable from that first moment. He’d proposed again a year later. Though physically they might be apart, emotionally they were connected on a level impossible to explain. He loved her like crazy. Craved her with an intensity that only grew with each passing year, rather than diminishing. And that intensity was growing pretty hard at that very minute.

Danny pulled off helmet and flak jacket and sank to his cot as he dug out his pocketknife. He opened Hannah’s box first, knowing there’d be something good to eat in there. The scent of peanut butter cookies wafted his way the second he cut the tape.

“That ought to bring the guys running.”

She always made more than enough for everyone. It’s what most of the wives did. The Marines appreciated it. But the fact these were blessed by Hannah’s touch made them extra special. Smiling, he scooped up six, popped a seventh in his mouth and balanced the rest on his thigh as he opened the package from his grandma. Another score—oatmeal raisin cookies. He placed a handful beside the others and set the box aside. In cookie heaven, Danny shuffled through the stack of letters. He pulled Hannah’s from the pile, ordered them by postmark, then stretched out on his narrow cot to read them.

This was the best part of any day—sharing with her. She brought out the caveman in him. At home he’d barely step across the threshold before he had her panties stripped and her bent over the couch. He’d stab his erection deep into her molten core and feel peace and oneness wash over him. As if he wasn’t complete until he could be inside her. The connection and her ready acceptance chased away every frustration he’d dealt with during the day. Just like she was doing now, even being half a world away. He slit the envelope open with his knife, plucked the pages from within and brought the letter to his nose.

Eyes closed, he inhaled the essence of Hannah’s vanilla-scented perfume. The woman sure knew how to play to his sweet tooth. He loved to bury his face against her neck, run his fingers through her long blonde hair and breathe her in. The memory hardened him all the more, stretching the buttons on his camouflage trousers to bursting.

Danny glanced around, saw he was alone and palmed his erection. Images of Hannah’s fingers around his cock played through his mind. Massaging his sac. Licking, sucking, teasing, rubbing. His testicles hugged his body, swelling with the surge threatening to erupt. Danny forced his hand away. He sure didn’t need to have his fellow Marines see him jack off. Oh sure, they all did it. Some even bragged about it. As far as Danny was concerned, some things were too precious to share. Giving himself a hand job was still the equivalent of fucking his wife, because she was right there with him when he did it. His inspiration, his every desire.

Pulling in a deep breath, he read her first letter. He loved that she shared everything with him. It made him feel connected.

The garden looked good. The drip system they’d installed before he left worked like a charm. Aphids on the roses—ladybugs to the rescue there. Irises calling it quits for the summer. Maybe they could plant some tulip bulbs when he got back.

No problems with his truck or her car. She switched off driving each one. Got the oil changed.

She’d really grown attached to the house and hated the idea of them getting orders and having to move. Danny understood how she felt.

The other wives had their moments. Nothing new there. The same women complained whether their husbands were there or not. Some of the poor Marines…

Ah, well, let it go.

He tucked the letter into the envelope and chomped down another cookie as he picked up the next letter from her. He stretched out on the cot and stacked his snack on his stomach. As before, he sliced the envelope open, pulled out the letter and brought it up for a whiff.

Danny frowned when the scent of vanilla eluded him. His heart thudded, worried something was wrong, puzzling over the elusive smell weaving up from the pages. New perfume? He didn’t like that idea. He wanted tried and true. He wanted Hannah’s smell. Still, there was a familiarity about it. Something musky and…

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